Organization Effectiveness and Growth:

We enable organizations to identify and effectively process people and practices to optimize the organizations success and growth. Towards this goal we offer the following services

Our Core Business


At Career Edge we have a proven track record of spotting and finding the right talent for the right position in the company through:

              • Permanent Placements
              • Contract Staffing

Business Diagnostics

As the organization grows its policies and processes evolve along with it dynamically. We enable our clients to channelize their internal processes while keeping the basic ethos of the company intact. We offer:

              • Alignment of Organizational Processes and Policies, Initiatives and Change
              • Development of Competency Frameworks and integration

Capability Building

Training: - The intelligence of an organization lies in ensuring that their people are constantly learning and striving to increase their potential and thereby the organizations. We help with:

·         Technical Training

·         Softskill  Training

·         Leadership Building

·         Knowledge Management

·         Coaching